"dear whoever you

might be,

i'm still

welcome! i'm Meg and I'm here to find you a penpal! :D

I’ve started a project/blog to help people find pen pals! So if you have an itch to write your thoughts, worries, happiness, questions, loves, hates down on paper then you might want to keep reading.

This is a project specifically for people who just want someone to write to. 

To start, I’ll have you fill out a survey, which is here, and you will submit this survey to my Submit page. Wait a while for me to (hopefully) get more letter writers to send me their surveys and I will pick your pen pal! At request, I can choose your pen pal at random, but on the survey I have listed questions that I feel will help me to pair you with a good pen pal.

If you have questions or concerns about privacy or anything else feel free to message me and I will get back to you. 

Check out my blog to read more about the project and take the survey to get your very own pen pal!

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    You should go do this. Having a penpal has literally been one of the best things to happen to me.
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    am i going to do this yes i probably am oh my
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